How to reset an LG Q6

By | January 12, 2018

A factory reset or format can help your device if it is frozen or black screen, when it slows down, when applications are frozen, when there are problems with the screen and many others. If you are looking for how to format an LG (Hard Reset) cell phone, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need in terms of factory reset of your mobile device or tablet.

Before starting with the methods to reset your LG cell phone from the factory, it is recommended to make a full backup. This is essential, since as you will know the reset will erase all the data that are on the phone or tablet, ie photos, videos, messages (SMS and messaging applications), call records, notes and settings.

Format LG Q6

Method 1: Factory reset from Settings
1) On your LG Q6  go to Settings> General> Backup and reset (or restart). This last option may vary depending on the device
2) Within the option, click on Restore Factory data.
3) Finally click on Restart phone. Now he will ask you to confirm.

Method 2: LG Recovery Mode
A factory reset can also be performed from Recovery Mode. To do so, follow these steps:
1) First, turn off your LG Q6.
2) Then, enter the Recovery mode. You can try it with one of the following key combinations:

  • Hold down the volume key under + power until the LG logo appears. After this, release the key combination completely.
  • Hold the Volume down key + Power down
  • Hold the Volume up key + Volume Down + Home keys
  • Hold down the Power + Volume Down + Home keys

3) Once you are in the recovery mode, move using the volume keys and go to the “Wipe Cache Factory Reset” option.
4) Confirm the option with the Power button and then go to “Yes – delete all user data”. Again confirm and start the Hard Reset procedure

5) Once the procedure is finished. Go to the main menu and then click on “Reboot System Now” to restart the device.

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