How to make a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

By | January 12, 2018

First of all, we will take our smartphone frontally, as if we were looking for something online. From here, we will explain the different buttons of the same and its situation.

On the left side (if we put the song we’ll see better), we have two buttons. In the right we will have another that is only. And finally, looking straight at the mobile phone we have one in the middle that has one, not physical, on each side. Since the latter do not intervene when it comes to capturing the screen on our  Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), we’re going to ignore it.

1. Volume buttons: thanks to these buttons located on the left side of our  Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) we can raise and lower the volume of our mobile.

2. Power button or on: with this, we can turn on and off our terminal. In addition, we can block as well as unlock the smartphone.

3. Home button: if we are in an application, browser or game, if we click on it, it will take us to the initial page of our mobile.

Screenshot on  Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Now that we know where the buttons are located, we can now make our screen capture on the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), which is the same.

We pick up the phone again to do the screen capture and what we have to do is press at the same time power button (the one on the right side) and the Home button, located just below the screen of our Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018). We will leave both buttons pressed until we notice a small vibration or the screen makes a stranger with what we are seeing. This will mean that we have made the screenshot correctly.

Then, to see the screenshot we have made, we would go to the gallery and within the “Screenshots” or “Screenshots” folder depending on the language we have, we will see. That easy! Even so, we leave you the graphic explanation of what you must do to make the capture:


And, if with this you have not been able to do the screenshot on your  Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) ..
We hope that with this tutorial you have been able to capture the screen on your  Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) without any problem. If not, remember that you can go through our application page in which we propose some for you to download from Google Play and make the screenshots with these:

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