Android: “An error occurred while parsing the package”

By | January 13, 2018


Android, based on the powerful Linux kernel, has become one of the most important in the world in recent years, due to its versatility, its simplicity and the constant work of Google people updating and improving their system. Thanks to the fact that it has monopolized the vast majority of the mobile market, in companies of smartphones and tablets of large companies such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, among others, it has managed to reach mass consumption worldwide. The key: Android, unlike IOs (Apple’s operating system), is installed in teams of different ranges (low, medium and high) thus expanding the target of those who may have the operating system. The amount of applications that come out every day make the use of any device with Android even more attractive. This is where you can really start to really enjoy the OS.

Now, one of the advantages is that in addition to the applications available in the Google Play (official application store) one can download applications from the Internet in apk format, and then install them on your Android device. Simply selecting the apk file from your device installs the application in a simple way. But we can find ourselves with the following error: “There was a problem when analyzing the package” not allowing us to continue with the installation. This represents a problem since there are applications that are not available from Google Play, or maybe we want to install a different version of the published one, and the error is a great inconvenience.

The why of the problem is difficult to generalize, since this same thing happens in different equipment with different characteristics, complicating the resolution of the same. Then we will leave some things that you can try to solve the problem in an absolute way, remembering that none of them is 100% effective. In case none of the solutions serve you, we leave you an alternative so you can continue installing applications from an apk file even if the error persists.

Possible solutions:

* First, check that the version of the application that we are trying to install is compatible with our version of Android. As there are several versions of Android (the latest is KitKat 4.4) you have to check the compatibility issue.

* In case the application is compatible, try doing a wipe. A wipe, deletes the cache of the applications installed on the device (only the cache, keeping the applications). To do this we have to turn off the device, once we have to press at the same time the following buttons: Home + Power + Volup thus starting the recovery mode of the device (the procedure may vary depending on the model or brand of your device, verify how enter Recovery mode for your particular model). Once we enter Recovery mode, we select the Wipe Cache Partition option and you’re done. When the device is restarted, it will ask for all the configuration again (accounts, personalization, etc.) but it will keep all the files and applications.

* If a wipe does not work, you have to try a Factory Reset. For the Factory, we enter the Recovery mode again, but this time we choose the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. This option will erase all installed applications along with the information. The Factory is recommended to do it two or three times.

* If you have tried each of the solutions and do not get positive results, you can try the next alternative that, although it does not solve the problem, will allow you to install the applications you need on your device.


* Download from the Google Play of the device the Google Drive application (cloud storage service). Now, we upload the apk file of all the applications that we want to install (this can be done from the computer or from the device, depending on where you have the apk). Once finished, we go to the Android device, open Google Drive, choose the apk file and start the installation without showing us the error message that showed us before. I remind you that this does not solve the problem, because if you try to install the apk in a conventional way the error will still appear, but at least in this way we can continue installing applications. Every time we want to install a new application from an apk we will have to repeat the procedure.


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